Tempered glass panel made of different materials.

Straight plate or galvanized box-shaped steel on the back empowering the structure. It can be prepainted or painted after, according to the final position once applied.

Perimetral band can be mounted to empower structural profile hooking sections and to guarantee perfect waterproof results.

Upon request an aluminized paper steam barrier is applied.

Panel thickness is to be decided according to acoustic and thermal insulating parameters.

It is perfect for glass paneled façades to be mounted on uprights and traverses in site, or as part of a module composed cell.



Panel for exteriors, in aluminum sheet, supported by a closed-cell polystyrene sheet and steam-sintered; available in different thicknesses and dimensions. 

Excellent mechanical resistance, weatherproof (passed severe tests).

Self-extinguishing in class 1 with 30kg / m3 density.

Prepainted or painted in variable thickness.

It’s possible to personalize the panel also by adding a zync iron sheet, an antiburglary and/or sound insulating plumb sheet.

Mounted to:

Doors and windows, also cladding. Easily fitting to all kinds of profiles in the market, in particular into aluminium profiles, PVC and iron.




Metal sheet or aluminium sandwich panel for exterior, prepainted or painted after.

Many insulating possibilities are available by using different materials such as rock wool, plasterboard, polistyrene, acoustic band, leed foil etc… according to requested parameters.

Perimetral band can be used to empower structural profile hooking sections available in materials that are waterproof, fireproof and mechanic resistant.

Personalized total panel thickness. Available with aluminium steam barrier.

The panel can be mounted on facades, directly on uprights and traverses in site or to form a module composed cell.



Panel for exteriors in layered laminated, from 8-10-12mm, unbreakable material, no frost, no humidity; its colours are UV resistant, class 2 inflammable.

Composition of ventilated façade insulation:

Variable thickness rockwool panels, covered by fabric or glass veil; freestanding, waterproof, fireproof class 0, with no-dust resin, with steam barrier.

The panel is available in different geometric shapes, it can be fixed to ventilated facades by visible fixing for a spiky effect (through visible screws or rivets); or also to sub-structured ventilated facades obtaining a clean and continuous surface result.



Exterior layered laminated panel in shatterproof, no frost and no humidity guaranteed.

Ventilated façade insulation made of:

variable thickness rock wool panels covered by fabric or by a layer of glass.

It’s self supporting, waterproof, fireproof class 0.

It’s vapour barriered and available in different geometric shapes.

It is easilly mounted to ventilated facades with visible fixing (headed screws or rivets) for a spyked effect or mounted on ventilated facades through an under built structure for a clean and continuous surface.



Laminated plastic panel supported on Medium Density fireboard (MDF), insulated with high density fireproof polistyrol.

Splur or strong wood frame, transparent or coloured painted according to the plastic laminated sample.

Special procedure for handles and additional reinforcement for handles or panic doors as well as empowered holes for glasses, air grids and /or portholes.

Full range of colours and finishing; fully customized insulation with all different materials.

Total thickness and dimensions upon request.

These panels are perfect in interior doors for use in schools, hospitals, in particular operating rooms, sport centers and many others



Complete door or with stainless steel press-bent profiles 12/10 adaptable to door frames.

Swing door profile or sliding door profile inside or outside the wall is available.

The door profile is milled on the door pillars that become the location of stained steel profiles flush located or slightly off the laminate.

This assembly allows a higher shock resistance on the perimeter as well as many aesthetical variations.

This door can be realized in different finishing; sliding or hinged; with one or two door leaves.

Laminated door as well as stainless steel is particularly suited to hostile environments such as operating rooms, nursing homes, clinics and many others.



Isoldoor is a woodden door enhancing all environments. It’s a furnishing element offering the highest technical features and with a perfect balance between price and quality.

The hinges are three sized concealed, it has magnetic lock and satin chrome or stainless steel handles. Isoldoor is available in standard or non-standard door sizes.

This product is suitable to all the residential, commercial or directional buildings.



Aluminium or steel plated panel for exterior or interior, high customizable.

Thickness and size available also differing from standard ones.

Any kind of digital image can be silkscreened or sublimated.

Thermal and acoustic insulation is realized according to final position requirement.



Aluminium or steel plated countertop panel for interior, highly customizable.

Thickness and size available also differing from standard ones.

Any kind of artistic design can be realized.

Thermal and acoustic insulation is produced according to final position requirement.

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