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We create custom-made emotion for you.

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Bringing dreams to reality

The story of you geometry.
The dream of your architecture.
The art of our making.

We believe that the pleasure and well-being of man live in the dreams of those who plan their future.
We will be your friends in every idea, every project and every realization for highly customizable solutions that meet all your needs.


Theatre Music Hall - Tbilisi

Individually shaped panel fixed in a precise position with thermo-acoustic charateristics.

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World's illimited facades

Just like your fantasy.

Canvases to be painted: that's how we think about our architectural panels.
Totally customizzable by our master craftsmen, with their expert hands and their tenacity give life to architecture, ideas, your dream.

Every aspect for your satisfaction.
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We design and manufacture solutions entirely in-house.
Our strong point is empathy: only by changing the point of view we can truly identify with others.
This is how we manage to find the right solutions to any type of problem.

Quality, precision

Through costant and dedicated training, our team is always up-to-date and points strainght towards quality and precision while maintaining industrial rhythms.

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Punctuality,   innovation

We study andvanced technical solutions for internal and external renovations, using cutting-edge raw materials and latest generation machinery and software.
Our 4.0 management allows us to accurately calculate the delivery times of the finished product for your satisfaction.

Unlimited customizing

We are limitless, just like fantasy
We can count on a serious and reliable team of experts, regular collaborations with our supplier and an excellent and proven workmanship of our operators. The set of these unique skills in our sector allows us to dance among the various requests, mananging to create an almost infinite product catalog, thanks to the many customizations that we are able to offer.

Energy saving

We produce insulated panels that go hand to hand with the energy saving.

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We use raw materials with  European certifications, our panels are Made in Italy

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Quality Check

Quality control staff supervise each process in order to guarantee the highest quality standards.

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Third parties processing.

We are able to satisfy everyone's needs thanks to the efficency of our trusted suppliers.

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Discover creations around the world. 

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